ELEANOR (sold out)

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Unlike her best friend Eliot, Eleanor is gregarious, confident and undaunted by confrontation. After being matched as roommates in their first year dorm, the two seemingly incompatible women became inseparable, and would do anything for each other. In fact, when Eliot gathered that Eleanor was unprepared for her organic chemistry exam, the unassuming Eliot pulled the fire alarm giving her friend a reprieve. Eleanor is incredibly protective of her friend, and keeps a watchful eye on Eliot during her dates with the professor. She trusts her instincts though, which time and again prove themselves - including Eliot’s insistence that they adopt the two kittens that were found behind the pub. Much to her surprise, Eleanor has fallen completely in love with Jeremy and Judith, and her favourite evenings are now spent at home cooking with Eliot, the cats always underfoot, accompanied by nineties hits and whatever wine she brings home from the pub. 

Eleanor's Details 
Dimensions: 26 inches x 14 inches
Composition: vintage floral cotton with a sunset orange micro velvet reverse, the edges finished with raspberry velvet ribbon, vintage cream, rose, apricot & butter yellow French trim and rose bullion. Metal zipper.
Care Instructions: dry clean only

HAND MADE IN TORONTO                                                                                         

Please note this cushion is sold with a custom made vegan hypoallergenic insert. If you would prefer a down insert, please get in touch.   

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