$340.00 CAD

Josef is exacting, organized and thorough - traits that serve him well as a city planner. He studies traffic patterns and recommends the implementation of traffic calming zones and traffic cameras, and reviews changes to the length of red lights. He thrives on routine and structure. Everything on his desk is placed at a right angle, his closet is colour coded and edited according to season, and he measures his morning serving of muesli. While not one for impetuous decisions, Josef recently started swing dancing classes after seeing a flyer at Whole Foods. Much to his surprise, he fell in love with it immediately and took to it with a graceful ease. He has started to befriend his classmates - a varied and colourful group of people very unlike his usual circle of friends. He can’t believe how much he enjoys them, and is even considering joining them on an all-inclusive trip to Cuba. He’s already drafting a packing list.

Josef's Details
Dimensions:  20 inches x 20 inches
Composition: tangerine linen blend inset with a sky blue velvet square, tangerine linen reverse, the edges trimmed with vintage orange and white soutache, finished with moss cotton brush. Metal zipper.
Care Instructions: dry clean only

HAND MADE IN TORONTO               

Please note this cushion is sold with a custom made vegan hypoallergenic insert. If you would prefer a down insert, please get in touch.   

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