JOSETTE (sold out)

$270.00 CAD

Josette leaves everything better than she finds it. She is calm, helpful, thoughtful and diligent. She lives a relatively quiet life, and takes great pleasure in the simple yet awe-inspiring joys she finds in nature. She loves camping and tending to her vegetable garden, particularly when accompanied by her pet goat, Herman, who admittedly eats most of the crops. Josette always opts for the traditional method, and resists the infringement of technology as much as she can - even in her work as an animator. She insists on drawing her frames by hand, and takes great pride in the detailed worlds she is able to create. Josette is celebrated by both fans and peers for her work, and while she shies away from any public attention, was quite pleased to be nominated for an Oscar for her animated short Herman, inspired by her beloved goat.

Josette's Details 
Dimensions: 21 inches x 12 inches 
Composition: textured burgundy and cream velvet, trimmed with gold brush and dusty rose bullion, with a raspberry velvet reverse. Metal zipper.
Care Instructions: dry clean only

HAND MADE IN TORONTO                                                                                         

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