THEO (sale) | WAS $325.00

$280.00 CAD

Theo is a force. He has a thundering laugh, loves flamboyant, well-made clothes, and is a lifelong thrill-seeker. When he was younger, he sated this hunger with downhill ski racing. He was a fearless competitor, and placed very well in several world cup events, winning the admiration of his peers for his technique, tenacity and neon racing uniforms. However, after suffering a career-ending knee injury, Theo turned his attention to poker. While he had always enjoyed the game and played casually while on the racing circuit, he now dedicated himself to poker as he had to skiing. He studied strategy and honed his ability to read people, quickly mastering both. He eventually established his own poker club, an invitation only game that is hosted in the private room of a lounge, frequented by celebrities and card players alike. Theo loves the pace and glamour of this new world, and finds it just as thrilling racing to the lounge in his emerald green Jowett Jupiter, decked out in a perfectly tailored patterned suit, and always his favourite pinkie ring.

Theo's Details 
Dimensions: 22 inches x 22 inches 
Composition: striped waxed cotton inset with vintage Robert Allen cotton jacquard,  trimmed with vintage ribbon, the edge finished with large striped cotton piping, with a wide yellow and white striped cotton reverse. Metal zipper.
Care Instructions: dry clean only

HAND MADE IN TORONTO                                                                                         

Please note that cushions are sold with a custom made down filler. If you would prefer a hypoallergenic alternative, please get in touch.   

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